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50 Cassettes released by Pissfork Anticulture in March 2012(sold out)

100 CDs self released by Anodes in October 2012

300 12" vinyl records released by Static Circuit Records in October 2012
100 clear marbled with blue and black(sold out)
200 transparent blue marbled with black
all with hand screened jackets


released September 12, 2012

Recorded and Mixed at Static Circuit Recording Studio by James Whitlock and Casey Oliver
Mastered by Carl Saff



all rights reserved
Track Name: a bend in the horizon
From birds eye view it's just pale from bleeding but the surface has fractured from somewhere underneath and there's always a noise in the background. Silhouettes tread the weight of the broken bottle glass shard sea we made when we tried to drown ourselves every night for weeks. From the depths of that memory a single image of the cracks remains burned in my beliefs and I wish I could just let it go but I know that I can not do that. Hours become fractions of minutes in our memories and eventually they fade. It makes me wonder why I try to hold on to some sense of meaning when the crumbling clay of bricks so young should be a sign to stay away from this place. As the footprints of a our past begin to distort we'll make the same mistakes that we've always made before.
Track Name: walls of dirt
I stormed out in anger and launched my last bottle into the air. I remember watching it fade into the dark night sky and then hearing it shatter into what I imagined was hundreds of pieces off in the distance. Feeling the cold air rise inside my lungs I sense the night has much worse things on it's mind. Soles dragged across the rocks will always show some signs of wear making their age hard to tell. Staggering feet make their way through the freshly eroded landscape under the light of the moon. Like an anchor into the black I'm dropping oh so fast and I'm wondering if I'll find the bottom soon. I was laying there feeling short of breath. Looking at the stars wishing I was in bed. Wondering if I fall asleep and get buried in my dreams would I wake up? I will not submit to sleep. This is not my grave. I will not rest yet. I will stand on my feet and leave this place with nothing but distance between me and it. I will not stop putting miles under my feet until i get home as long as I have a breath left. I will not rest until I am in my bed and I know that there's a good chance I'll wake up again.
Track Name: selective memories
I've been choking on the right words. Even when I get them out it's like you're deaf but instead of not hearing you're not caring. I would swallow all my regrets and live with them forever even if there was a chance just to take it all back. The best lessons are learned from mistakes as long as we recognize them for what they are instead of pretending like they never happened. I've been trying hard to get a grasp on what makes you think you're special but I can not come up with anything that would be relevant. Fierce jealousy and judgement are the only things that you've contributed and it's a shame that you can't see the affects of your actions. I've always wondered where you got your standards from. Are you judging them from what you know now or from what you knew back then? Do you even remember where you've been? I've always wondered where we got our standards from. Are we judging them from what we know now or from what we knew back then? Do we even remember where we've been?
Track Name: allein
As my eyes adjust the walls begin to expand and contract when I take a breathe. The yellow at the edge is getting crushed so slowly it's just turning orange and for a year that's flying by today is dragging. Slow enough that I can't find any comfort in this pace. Even the clouds are at a stand still. It seems like the windows have been shaking all day and periodically I hear the whistling of a song but it always stops when I try to listen. The ticking of the clock taunting every second we spend only existing and not living. For a year that's flying by today is dragging slow enough that I can't find any comfort in this pace. For a year that's flying by today has dragged since it began but some how it's still getting away from me. An equal spacing of lines holds vertical grains in between where crushed lead shows the proof of just how bad it could be. These three hands will always each have their own different and constantly consistent speeds never changing for anyone or anything. The clouds start to move as they make visions of the static complete and they are starting to leave behind a coat on everything. With no sense of belonging I just sit here looking down at the birds perched on the power lines. The current that is traveling through these lines is providing them with the warmth they need to survive. The wind is picking up with every second that passes and I can't believe that they haven't left yet. It just keeps pushing them with no mercy until the point that they are forced to fly away. It makes me think about the friends I've lost to this heartless world. I try to stay positive but it's so hard when I feel like they were cheated. It didn't take long until this block was buried under the snow. Once the sun has set it's just another night that I'll spend alone and my mind is refusing to sit still. Street lights hit the shades and shine through making the walls glow. Keeping me awake at night. Keeping me from getting comfortable and I haven't been to sleep in days. One day at a time has become the only thing that I know. I've embraced the cold for so long that it's just been numbing me from you and I haven't felt anything real in so long.
Track Name: sixteens
My father painted the sky that sent a cry for my help in the form of freezing rain. I was walking through trash on the floor just like a pawn on a real life chessboard and even though I wanted to help it wasn't my turn to make a move. When I found him he was laying there all alone in pain like a king that had just been slain. Now I just try to remember a different place in time where there are no voids to fill. From this point the things he that taught me about living life are so clear. No matter how many times I've lost my way it's a place that I can always go to just to take some time to breathe and bring everything back into focus. As we grow old it's easy to lose sight of the things that are truly important. As we grow old it's easy to lose sight of the things that define who we are as individuals. It's never too late to take a step back and get a breath to regain some clarity.